Manufacturing is one of the most vital roles in the workforce. Without a solid and safe manufacturing sector, the supply chain would quickly crumble. To guarantee safety on the manufacturing and fabrication floor, investing properly in your worker’s safety is vital. Today, Buy Any Gloves brings you our top fabrication gloves for sale, ideal for various roles. Learn more about our best fabrication and manufacturing gloves below.

Predator Scarlet Nitrile Dipped Gloves

The Predator Scarlet Nitrile Dipped gloves are the perfect multi-purpose safety equipment for the manufacturing floor. These gloves are durable and dexterous thanks to a 13 gauge, seamless polyester liner.

The palm is incredibly durable, perfect for manufacturing, thanks to a smooth coating of nitrile. Nitrile provides excellent resistance to oils and greases whilst retaining solid grip strength.

These gloves are incredibly lightweight and breathable, thanks to their open-back design. In addition, the elasticated cuff features a coloured sie indicator that’s ideal for busy manufacturing floors.

Cotton Stockinette Delicate Assembly Gloves

If you’re looking for additional under-glove protection and insulation, or the perfect glove for delicate manufacturing and fabrication work, these cotton stockinette’s are the ideal choice.

Featuring a 100% Cotton Liner, these gloves are incredibly lightweight yet still keep hands warm whilst providing additional protection. In addition, these gloves are quickly thin enough to be worn under another pair of gloves from our range and feature an ultra-comfortable knitted wristband.

Predator Amber Latex Work Gloves

Constructed from a 3-strand seamless poly-cotton liner and palm coated with high-quality latex, these gloves are a reliable and cost-efficient solution to manufacturing floor safety. Latex provides superb grip and protection in a lightweight form that doesn’t break the bank. Latex offers exceptional grip and protection, perfect for dealing with sharper materials. The breathable back is great for keeping hands sweat-free and maximising workplace productivity.

These gloves feature an elasticated cuff with a colour-differentiated size indicator, perfect for populated manufacturing and fabrication floors. Check out the Predator Amber gloves today.

Predator Hi-Vis Rigger Work Gloves

For heavy-duty manufacturing and fabrication work, trust our range of rigger work gloves from the Predator by RON range. These high-vis rigger gloves for sale are constructed from incredibly durable split leather. The additional double protection on the palm and thumb provides a strong layer of security alongside the safety patches across the vein and knuckle. These patches also help to extend the lifespan of these dexterous gloves.

The 100% Cotton Linger provides incredible comfort for workers, whilst the reflective tape strip on the back of the glove ensures visibility and safety when working with heavy-duty materials.


As you can see, Buy Any Gloves provides a wide range of work gloves for sale, perfect for manufacturing and fabrication. For more specialist fabrication gloves, check out our full range here. If you’re looking for the ideal work glove for another field, read more of our in-depth work glove guides here. Check out our wide range of work gloves for sale, with free next day delivery across the mainland UK, at Buy Any Gloves today.