As the weather gets warmer, you run out of excuses to avoid that DIY project or repair… especially as the world opens up once more, its time to get your digits covered and begin the hard graft. The question is, do you have the gloves for the job? If you’re looking for a quality pair of work gloves to get you through outdoor work this summer, you’re in the right place. In this article, Buy Any Gloves will walk you through our top picks to help you decide the perfect work gloves for your outdoor needs this summer.

Predator Baltic Dipped Work Gloves

As we head into summer, expect the spring showers to hang around a little longer. Whether the water is coming from the sky or a pipe, these waterproof Predator gloves will keep your hands dry and work hassle-free. They feature a 15 gauge Polyester outer liner and a 7 gauge Acrylic-loop inner liner. The Baltics are coated in Smooth Latex and finished with a Sandy Latex dip on the palm, providing unparalleled grip in the wet. These gloves are double-dipped and waterproof, featuring an elasticated cuff for a snug and dry fit.

Polyester PVC Polka Dot Work Gloves

For summer work, bulky gloves just don’t cut it. If you’re looking for cool, breathable and dexterous, these PVC Polka Work Gloves are a perfect choice. These Work Gloves are highly dexterous, utilising a 10-gauge construction. They are constructed with 100% polyester material that’s 360° breathable. These PVC work gloves from the Predator by RON range utilise smooth blue PVC dots on the palm and fingers to provide excellent levels of grip. These gloves are perfect for general handling in the summer.

Anti-Vibration Gloves by Glovezilla

From the pressure-washer to the hedge trimmer, your summer work equipment provides some nasty vibrations to the hands. Over the long term, this can cause countless issues (check the HSE page for more information). If you’re already suffering from the effects of vibration-related health complications or looking to avoid them, these anti-vibration gloves from Glovezilla are a great choice! The gloves are knitted from nylon and cotton for a comfortable hand-feel and feature a natural vulcanised palm and fingertip that meets several standards designed to reduce vibrations impact on the hands. Check them out today!


We hope this guide has given you a strong starting point for helping you find the top handling gloves for outdoor use this summer. Buy Any Gloves is the leading provider of gloves designed for countless applications, from construction to welding and much much more. All of our gloves are available with free next-day delivery across the mainland UK. We also offer a range of other PPE, such as type IIR masks and hi-vis. Read more of our blogs to learn more about the specific gloves we offer for your applicational needs, or browse our range today!