As a business, you’re always looking for ways to keep your costs down. The lower your expenses and the higher your revenue, the more profit you make: it’s a simple equation.

The problem, however, is that some companies take cost-cutting too far. In their efforts to reduce how much they spend, they end up hurting their long-term profitability, undermining their businesses in the process.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the realm of work gloves.

Companies will often neglect to buy high-quality gloves for their team to save money but, in the process, end up shelling out more in compensation. It’s not a sustainable strategy and not one that you should try if you want to be an ethical employer.


The Dangers Of Not Providing Suitable Work Gloves

Workers from all kinds of industries need work gloves to carry out their work safely. In many cases, they need specialist gloves designed to meet the rigours of the work involved. People who work on ships, for instance, need special gloves for handling rigging. Welders too need a particular type of glove to protect them, as do gardeners. The practical uses of gloves are virtually endless.

Companies need to protect the hands of their workers. The hands are the most commonly injured parts of the body while working.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that there were more than 143,000 injuries to the hands in 2015, more than any other part of the body, except the back. Worse still, these injuries to the hands meant that workers lost an average of five days work, and many more in some cases.

The costs for companies and the economy are enormous. The HSE estimates that more than 1.4 million people in the UK suffer from some kind of work-related illness. The total cost to the economy from injuries, including those to the hands, is running at more than £15 billion. The HSE suggests that more than 21 percent of injuries in the workplace are caused by handling or carrying an object.

The good news is that the overall trend is downwards, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. Wearing proper gloves is part of the solution.


The Costs Of Not Using The Correct Gloves

The costs of not using the right glove are high. According to Accident Claims Advice, the average payout for severely injured hands is between £73,000 and £83,000. The courts can award considerable compensation for even moderately severe hand injuries of between £11,000 and £22,000 depending on the circumstances of the individual case. Thus, even if you have insurance, you can expect hand injuries to cost you. Your insurer will put your premiums up.

Gloves, therefore, help you to save money in the long run. You cut down on the risk of hand injuries, ensuring that workers need to spend less time off work. You also reduce your risk of costly litigation, which could lead to higher insurance premiums in the future.

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