Disposable nitrile gloves may have once been ubiquitous, but thanks to the recent pandemic they have quickly become valuable commodities, second only to toilet paper. Nitrile gloves are used in a variety of fields thanks to their chemical and puncture resistance. If you find yourself running short on nitrile gloves, our new Mercator Ideall Grip reusable Nitrile gloves are just what you need.

What are Mercator Ideall Grip Gloves?

The Ideall Grips are 7.0 MIL, 240mm long nitrile, type B gloves available in orange or black. They are designed to be multi-use and multi-purpose – usable in a variety of fields including, agricultural, janitorial and care industries. The Ideall Grips are silicon-free, with vastly superior strength and dexterity that remains consistent across its extensive lifespan.

The Benefits of Reusable Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves are in hot demand during this pandemic due to their required use in a variety of medical tasks. This has skyrocketed the price of traditional disposable nitrile gloves, and many sites have not had a disposable nitrile gloves in stock since the beginning of this pandemic. We sell the Ideall Grips in boxes of 25 pairs, with each pair having a lifespan and endurance capable of withstanding multiple uses. Rather than expending a priceless pair of nitriles each time, simply wash your hands with the Ideall Grips on and you’re ready to go. Not only is this economical, possibly saving you hundreds per glove order, but it’s also efficient. No more minimising glove usage or halting tasks when the supply runs dry – Nitrile safety is a hand wash away with the Ideall Grips.

The Benefits of Mercator Ideall Grips

Not only do our reusable nitriles have numerous benefits over their disposable counterparts – but they’re also a stand-out amongst reusables. Thanks to their unique diamond texture grip across the inner and outer coating, these gloves offer best-in-class traction and grip. These nitriles are also AQL 1.5 touchscreen gloves, helping you stay connected in this modern world. To top it all off, the Ideall Grip nitrile gloves are 2.5x thicker than your standard glove and feature a 240mm long cuff. This provides further resistance to oils and chemicals, allowing you to feel comfortable in your safety as you work.


As you can see, our Mercator Ideall Grip reusable nitrile gloves are not only a valid replacement for your typical disposables, but in most use cases are indeed superior. At the competitive price of £14.99 per box of 50 gloves, you can’t beat the Ideall Grips. Make the “Ideall” choice today, purchase our reusable nitrile gloves and find them on your doorstep tomorrow thanks to free next day delivery across the Mainland UK.