There are a number of different industries that are going to require cut resistant gloves. This is an imperative part of PPE. If you are an employer that does not provide your employees with the correct personal protective equipment, you could find yourself with a lot of serious injuries and frequent accidents. With that being said, read on to discover more about the best cut resistant gloves that are suitable to a number of different industries in 2019.


What needs to be considered when looking for gloves?

You are going to need to look at the material to consider the level of protection provided. You should also read reviews that have been left by people who have already used the gloves. Aside from this, look at the different features of the gloves, including how easy they are to wear, how much control they will afford you, and so on. Here are our top three gloves that tick all of these boxes.

Predator Midas Work Gloves

There is only one place to begin, and this is with the Predator Midas Work Gloves. These gloves provide Cut level 5 protection, which is the highest level of cut protection there is. They also utilise a TekArmor™ liner to provide additional protection. They are ideal for industries that involve glass/glazing, engineering, metal fabrication and much more. A supreme grip against oils allows the gloves to be used in both wet and dry conditions. They are extremely lightweight, allowing full control and dexterity. As an additional feature they are also fully compatible with touchscreens.

Predator Ivory Hide Rigger

Made with a superior quality split cow hide – surrounding the gloves in a protective tough leather. These heavy duty gloves that are designed to withstand stress of dangerous handling applications. Additional leather patches on the vein and knuckles reinforces cut and puncture protection around those areas. As well as very protective, they prioritise comfort too, with a soft 100% cotton liner around the palm and fingers. Suitable for construction, scaffolding, forestry, metal handling and more.

Predator Impact Gloves

Much like the Midas Work Gloves – they offer the highest level of protection at Cut level 5 and utilise a TekArmor™ liner. They host a padded palm with additional thumb crutches to provide extra protection and comfort. TPR Impact protection on the back of the hand – offering high levels of protection from cutting, grazing and abrasion. They are extremely lightweight and comfortable, allowing for full control and productivity. Incredible hard-wearing, high performance and abrasive resistance. Perfect for construction, engineering, glazing/glass handling and more.

As you can see, there are a number of different options available today when it comes to cut resistant gloves, you definitely won’t be disappointed with one of the three options that have been discussed above. We have a great range of cut & puncture resistant gloves along with much more!

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