In case you weren’t already aware – summer is officially over. Sorry to break it to you! Unfortunately, winter is approaching yet again, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still be getting out in the garden. Most gardens require maintenance all year round, and you shouldn’t be letting the weather stop you from doing what you love the most and keeping your garden looking nice and fresh. So, for those of you who refuse to let the weather put you off, we’ve put together a list of the best gardening gloves for winter available on our website…


For when the weather is wet…

Predator Atlantic Work Gloves

Predator Atlantic Gloves by Ron

These gloves are fully waterproof, meaning you don’t need to worry about getting your hands wet after there has been a bit of rain. The exterior is a smooth latex coating with a sandy finish on the palms to increase grip – particularly in wet conditions.



For those dark evenings…

Hi-Vis Rigger Work Gloves

Predator hi-vis Rigger Gloves by Ron

These bright orange gloves are perfect to use when the evenings end earlier than we have gotten used to. It can be dangerous doing your gardening with minimal light, and unfortunately, we don’t get the brightest weather conditions throughout the winter seasons, so hi-vis gloves are almost essential this time of year!

They even have a leather knuckle-strap for additional protection with an additional hi-vis strap.



For general use…

Predator Ruby PU Work Gloves

Predator Ruby PU Glove by Ron

For the general outdoor activity, from pruning to planting, trimming and more, it’s compulsory that you own a pair of warm, reliable, strong waterproof gloves for all the general duties.

Our Ruby PU work gloves by Predator are perfect for home gardening as they are the ideal glove for general handling. They offer a great level of grip and protection from dust and dirt and offer excellent dexterity and breathability.



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