Heat resistant gloves are vital to many industries and occupations. They protect the hands when dealing with various tasks but also need to allow for a certain amount of motion and grip. At Buy Any Gloves, we have a range of excellent heat resistant gloves to meet all of our needs. Our team has over 50 years in the PPE industry, and we know all about how to find the best Personal Protective Gloves to suit your business and personal needs. If you are looking for heat resistant gloves for your business or to use at home, here are the top three options to meet your requirements.


Predator Signature MIG Gauntlet Welding Gloves

Let’s start off with the Predator Signature MIG Gauntlets. Available in X-Large and offering 2 different lengths, they offer a tough heat resistant protection made from top-quality split cow leather. They are stitched with Twaron Heat Resistant Thread, which helps to prevent degrading even when exposed to high heats, and keeps them going for longer to make them better value. Leather patches on the palm and thumb also help to extend the lifespan of the gloves and ensure they have excellent protection.

The Predator Signature MIG Gauntlet Welding Gloves are designed for MIG/ARC welding but are also a great choice for industries such as construction, metal fabrication, engineering, and forging. At just £7.99, including VAT and with free delivery, they’re a cost effective option that is sure to last.


Predator Tig Gauntlet Welding Gloves

The Predator TIG Gauntlet Welding Gloves also feature Twaron Heat Resist Threat to prevent degrading. These 13″ gloves have a leather cuff, offering extra protection for anyone who needs it down the wrist and forearm. The leather thumb crutch provides additional protection to the wearer too. These gloves come in a large size, designed to fit most wearers, although some Might be looking for a larger option. The 100% cotton liner makes them comfortable to wear on the palm and fingers.

The Predator TIG Gauntlet Welding Gloves are dexterous, making it easier for the wearer to move their hands and fingers. If you need greater control while working, these gloves are ideal. They cost just £9.20 and with free delivery, and are suitable for construction, metalwork, TIG welding, forging and engineering.


Predator Reversible MIG Gauntlet Welding Gloves

Our final pick is the Predator Reversible MIG Gauntlet Welding gloves. These heat resistant gloves are reversible so they can be worn on either hand – this also makes the gloves extremely durable as they are able to be flipped around if degrading begins on one side of the glove. They are made from top quality split leather cowhide, offering a superior level of comfort, which is enhanced by the 100% cotton lining. These longer 14″ gloves provide plenty of coverage to offer heat protection on the wrists and forearms. They come in a size X-Large to fit most hands.

Get these heat resistant gloves for £6.49, an excellent price, especially when combined with free delivery. They can be used for a variety of industries where heat protection is required.