If you’re working in an industry that requires you to expose your hands to freezing temperatures, then a high-quality pair of thermal protection gloves is a must-have. The last thing you want is to have your gloves tear while you’re working in a cold storage area. It’s incredibly dangerous to work in extremely cold temperatures without the right gloves, so we’ve decided to put together a small list of our top three thermal protection gloves available on the site.


Predator Baltic Dipped Work Glove

The Predator Baltic Dipped Work Glove is a specially-designed winter work glove with a 15 gauge polyester outer lining with a 7 gauge acrylic-loop inner liner. It’s a completely waterproof glove that has been double-dipped to provide complete liquid resistance. The glove is coated with a smooth latex finish to make handling objects natural and effortless.

These are the ideal gloves for working in low-temperature environments such as refrigeration applications and cold storage. The grippy latex texture makes it easy to handle even slippery objects and the waterproof quality gives the gloves added durability when working in challenging environments.


Predator Thinsulate™ Rigger Gloves

Next on our list is the Predator Thinsulate Rigger Gloves which are made from top-quality split leather and are fully Thinsulate lined – made to keep your hands nice and warm when in use. They offer a strong cotton drill backing fabric with an additional cuff and knit wrist extension, making it the ideal thermal protection glove for working in cold environments. They also have a bright reflective tape strip on the reverse side to allow the wearer to be more visible.

These gloves are designed for cold environments where your hands are exposed to low temperatures for a long period of time. Since the cuff extends down the wrist, it helps to prevent any cold air from entering your hands, allowing you to work effectively and undisturbed. These gloves are highly recommended for working in construction during colder periods like winter.


Predator Winter Paws Latex Work Gloves

The Predator Winter Paws Latex Work Gloves are a thin and breathable glove that is lined with a 10 gauge thermal acrylic-loop high visibility liner. The palms are also coated with a high-quality latex, providing an excellent grip to allow easy handling in a challenging workplace. The fingertips are double-dipped, improving the life span to the gloves while also enhancing the grip which is suitable for both wet and dry environments. The breathable nature of these latex gloves means that they’re a great choice for different environments where thermal protection is important and finger dexterity is also a necessity. They’re comfortable and allow for a larger range of movement, making them a highly-recommended choice.


There are many other thermal protective gloves currently available on our site that might be more suitable for your needs, but we feel that this line up is a great place to start if you need high-quality thermal protection that provides excellent comfort and protection. Remember that simply protecting your hands isn’t enough – you also need to question: are they comfortable and in no way will they cause discomfort, do they limit my dexterity, and will they maximise my productivity. That is what the Buy Any Gloves range of thermal protection gloves strive to offer.