When it comes to buying rigger gloves, you will want a pair that is hard-wearing, comfortable, and that will be long-lasting. Your gloves will need to protect your hands while you work hard.

You may need to complete several different tasks wearing your gloves, so you will want the dexterity that you need in order to get the job done quickly and well.

There are many occasions where you will need to wear gloves for safety reasons. Without wearing suitable safety attire, you may be putting yourself and others at risk. Your gloves should protect you from the dangers of your job while providing you with a suitable grip on whatever you are trying to pick up or move. When handling hot or cold items, your gloves should help to normalize the temperature for you without causing your hands any damage.

Your gloves will need to protect your hands from the elements during the winter months, but not be too warm when wearing them in the summer.

Here are the top five rigger gloves at Buy Any Gloves that are suitable for use all year round.


Predator Power Plus Rigger Work Gloves

The Predator Power Plus Rigger Work Gloves are made from high-quality split leather. With a cotton liner on the palm and fingers making them comfortable to wear. Additional patches of leather can be found around the vein and knuckle areas providing extra resilience. The gloves have a heavy-duty rubberised cuff.

£3.82 Inc. VAT


Hi-Vis Rigger Work Gloves

Visibility is a crucial safety concern for all, and with these Hi-Vis gloves, you will stand-out when you need to with a reflective tape strip on the back. The gloves are made from high-quality, heavy-duty split leather with additional leather patches on the vein and knuckle to make them even more hard-wearing. The liner is 100% cotton, which makes them very comfortable to wear.

£5.02 Inc. VAT


Predator Power Rigger Work Gloves

Again, these gloves are made from the high-quality split leather and have a cotton liner on the palm and fingers. With leather patches on the knuckles and vein and a heavy-duty rubberised cuff, these gloves are designed to last.

£3.66 Inc. VAT


Predator Ivory Hide Drivers Gloves

Made from high-quality hide leather with chrome suede leather on the back, these gloves are finished with a 100% cotton fleece lining for extra comfort. These gloves feature an ergonomic key-hold thumb design which allows for extra dexterity and efficiency.

£7.55 Inc. VAT


Predator Standard Rigger Work Gloves

The Predator Standard Rigger Work Gloves are made from off cuts of high-grade leather and have a 100% cotton liner on the palm and fingers. They have a double layer leather patched palm and strong cotton drill backing fabric. With a pasted cuff, these gloves are great for getting the job done safely.

£2.31 Inc. VAT