Air For Life Breathing Device

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The Air For Life canister is an emergency escape device which provides the user with an external oxygen source. The Air For Life supply’s the user with valuable oxygen when their oxygen supply has been significantly reduced in events like fires. The canister contains 22 liters of oxygen and enables use for up to 12 minutes. The Air For Life has a mask attached with filters. These filters let in clean oxygen which allows your canister to last longer. The tubing connected to both the air canister and the mask is very thick to avoid breakage or kinks. When using the Air For Life, you should breathe normally to ensure that you achieve optimum performance.

  • 22 litre capacity
  • High quality oxygen
  • Provides a supply for 12 minutes
  • Canister, mask and tube all included
  • Designed by firefighters

In stock

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Air For Life Breathing Device

Device features

Comes with a sealed air mask
Industrial grade filters within mask
22 litre cannister
High quality oxygen
Provides a 12 minute supply
Designed by firefighters

Why is this product so important? Dr Ryan explains the importance of ‘oxygen, not air’ in a fire situation: “Oxygen is the most important of all human needs. In a fire, oxygen levels rapidly deplete. If the oxygen level drops below 15% then filters (including filters found in smoke hoods) will not be sufficient in keeping such a person alive.” An external source of oxygen is the only way to survive such situations. Additionally, someone who inhales pure oxygen will be more easily resuscitated if they have been exposed to smoke, since their tissues are heavily saturated with oxygen. There is a clear need for such a product. With its effective aerosol packaging, ever-increasing response times become a significantly reduced issue. For example, in rural areas, the average response time is 10 minutes and 37 seconds.

Who is the product aimed at? This aerosol product is suitable for any individual concerned about their health and safety. At the same time, you may be in a business looking to protect the health of your employees. You may be an organisation that is currently based in high rise offices. It’s no secret that height is an essential factor in fire safety. It’s clear that Air For Life is here to stay; let’s see what the new kid on the block does in the future!


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