Buy Any Gloves is home to a variety of industry-leading gloves designed to meet the challenges of the modern workplace. When you’re looking to complete a heavy-duty job, at home or at work, you need a heavy-duty glove. Rigger gloves provide ideal protection against more significant general handling tasks. Learn more about our esteemed rigger gloves for sale and what Rigger Gloves are best for you here.

What are Rigger Gloves?

Designed to meet the safety challenges brought upon by rigging and cable pulling, rigger gloves are perfect for general domestic and commercial tasks that require heavier protection. For example, rigger gloves are ideal for operating non-specialised heavy-duty machinery and et cetera.

Rigger Gloves offer additional protection thanks to their thicker design comp[ared to most general handling gloves. Many also feature a fabric back and leather palm alongside a variety of other protections.

What are the Best Rigger Gloves?

The best rigger gloves for sale is a primarily subjective title. The best rigger gloves for you will entirely depend upon your needs. As long as you’re purchasing a trusted and renowned range such as our Predator by RON brand gloves – you can’t go wrong! Here are a few selections from our range of rigger gloves for sale that may be perfect for your general handling needs.

Predator Standard Rigger Work Gloves

The gold standard of our rigger glove range! These rigger gloves feature A to C Gradewd leather, held together with a comfortable 100% cotton liner on the fingers and palm. The palm uses a double layer leather patched palm alongside a strong cotton drill backing fabric. The pasted cuff completes this reliably protective glove. The Predator Standard Rigger work glove is ideal for most applications. Check it out today.

Predator Tiger Rigger Work Gloves

Don’t go into a task with your digits roar. Instead, trust our Predator Tiger Rigger Work Gloves. These rigger gloves feature a super comfortable 100% cotton liner on the palms and fingers, encased by high-quality, heavy-duty split leather. In addition, the Tiger rigger gloves feature double palm and thumb protection, alongside leather patches protecting the vein and knuckle.


These features combined bolster protection and improve the longevity of the glove. The Tiger rigger gloves complete their durability with a heavy-duty rubberised cuff and a reflective tape strip.

Predator Hi-Vis Rigger Work Gloves

Just like our Tiger rigger gloves, our Hi-vis rigger gloves for sale feature heavy-duty split leather and knuckle and vein protection. The double palm and thumb offer the same improved protection. Where the hi-vis differs, however, is explained well in the name. The Hi-vis rigger gloves come in luminous orange colour and feature a slightly larger reflective strip on the back. This strip makes our Hi-vis rigger gloves ideal for night work or works in low-visibility areas.


We hope this guide has shown you the purpose of our range of rigger gloves for sale. For the best rigger gloves in the UK, trust the predator by RON range. With Buy Any Gloves, you get top-quality rigger work gloves for sale at affordable prices, all with next day delivery across the mainland UK. Browse our range of rigger work gloves today.