Just recently, we had a few members of our team sit down with Ron Simpson – the man behind Predator by Ron®.

We got to interview Ron and get to know a little bit about him, ask a few questions and put a face to the name for our wonderful customers.

You may have heard of Predator by Ron® when shopping with us, as they provide us with the best quality work gloves. You can shop the full collection by the brand on our website by clicking here.

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So Ron, why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself?
“I’m married, I’ve got two kids and four lovely grand kids.”


How long have you been working in the gloves industry?
“I’ve been in this industry for about 44 years now, I started at the bottom like many working with distributors, moved from distributors to importers. The major importer I started with was UCM, which is where I learnt all my ‘how to import’ basic skills – how to dot the I’s and cross the T’s, and I owe them a lot of thanks for that.”


What gloves would you recommend to a gardener?
“For general gardening gloves, you could use the gripper gloves which are very good against thorns and stones, you can do all general-purpose jobs with them.”


Which gloves would you recommend for handling heavy goods?
“If it’s just pure heavy goods, concrete or stones or anything like that for wear and tear, I would personally go with the tiger range of leather gloves – that’s my personal opinion, but people again would use what you call the orange gripper gloves, particularly our new ones which come with double-dipped fingertips which give you extra wear and tear on the fingers, so if you’re a bricky for example and are throwing lots of bricks away, you’re going to get twice the life out of these pair of gloves than normal.”

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