With just 43 days to go until winter, the weather is already dropping colder. We’ll soon see ice, hail and snow in working environments across the UK. Ensuring your workers are well-equipped to handle winter operating conditions is vital to guaranteeing a safe and productive business. Buy Any Gloves is home to a wide variety of work gloves for sale, specifically manufactured to handle winter working conditions. Learn more about our winter work gloves, including thermal gloves and more, available now at Buy Any Gloves.

Predator Thinsulate™ Rigger Gloves

Thinsulate™ is renowned in domestic and commercial thermal wear. Its insulating materials have been used across countless industries since 1979. When combined with the incredible durability of the Predator by RON range, Thinsulate™ allows these rigger gloves for sale to be some of the warmest and strongest around.

These rigger gloves are made from excellent-quality split leather and lined with insulating Thinsulate™ material. The strong cotton drill backing combines with the above materials to create an incredibly warm and hard-wearing glove. Body heat is retained and secured thanks to a cuff and knit wrist extension. These incredible rigger gloves are topped off with a reflective strip across the reserve, an ingenious solution to improving workplace visibility during the dark winter months. Check out these rigger gloves for sale today.

Predator Baltic Dipped Work Gloves

Cold and wet conditions are a safety and productivity nightmare during the winter months. If your business is dealing with these harsh conditions, the Predator Baltic Dipped Work Gloves are the key to success. These cold contact tested gloves feature a hard-wearing yet dexterous 15 gauge polyester outer lining, alongside a 7 gauge acrylic-loop liner on the inside. The entire outside of the gloves is double-dipped, which creates a fully waterproof winter work glove. This glove is completed with a coating of sandy latex finish, improving grip in even the coldest and wettest conditions.

Cotton Stockinette Delicate Assembly Gloves

If your workers require specialist gloves to complete their work? We offer a variety of welding gloves, heat resistant gloves and more for sale at Buy Any Gloves. Alongside these specialist gloves, we provide our cotton stockinettes for sale. These lightweight gloves, designed for delicate assembly, feature a 100% cotton liner and knitted wristband. They are thin and light enough to be worn under the vast majority of work gloves for sale. Check out the Buy Any Gloves Cotton Stockinette today.


We hope this guide has shown you some of the winter work gloves for sale at Buy Any Gloves you and your business will need this winter. You can find more work gloves ideal for winter work available for purchase on our site. In addition, we’ve written other in-depth guides, just like this one, on other essential winter work gloves, such as our range of winter driving gloves. Check those out here, or set up a trade account today to purchase for your business.