Welding as a profession is all about specialisation. Welding requires specialised training, specialised tools and, of course, specialised gloves. When it comes to welding gloves, there are two types with important key differences between them. So, how do you choose between a MIG and TIG Welding Glove? What are these aforementioned differences, and why choose Buy Any Gloves as your provider of welding gloves? We’ll answer all these questions about welding gloves below.

What are MIG Welding Gloves?

MIG Welding gloves are designed for the semi-automatic process of MIG welding. They are thickly padded and loose on the hand – typically in a gauntlet style. A MIG Glove is all about protecting the non-dominant hand as it rests on the work surface. MIG Welding generates big arcs that require thick leather to protect against. In summary, MIG gloves are thick and protective of both hands, but especially the dominant.

What are TIG Welding Gloves?

TIG Gloves are designed for Torch Welding. The torch creates smaller arcs and requires greater finger control to operate it effectively. Because of this, TIG welding gloves are much lighter and thinner than their MIG counterparts. They prioritise dexterity over protection using thinner leather. Many still incorporate a loose gauntlet design, such as the gloves you’ll find on our site.

Our Top MIG and TIG Welding Gloves

Buy Any Gloves is home to a wide range of both MIG and TIG welding gloves for sale. These amazing welding gloves are a part of the esteemed Predator By RON range. Read on for our top picks in both MIG and TIG categories of Welding Gloves.

Predator Signature Mig Gauntlet Welding Gloves

Made from top quality split leather, these MIG welding gloves feel safe and comfortable. They are held with a 100% cotton fleece lining and feature heat-resistant twaron stitching top guarantee an impressive lifespan. Additional leather patches atop the hardy gauntlet construction reinforce the palm and thumb areas.

Predator Deerskin Tig Gauntlet Welding Gloves

This Deerskin leather tig gauntlet provides quality protection and quality feel in a lightweight and dexterous form. These gloves are finished with a 100% cotton lining on the palm and fingers. They also feature the same efficient Twaron stitching to resist heat and extend the life span of the gloves, as well as a tough leather cuff for additional protection.


We hope this article has shown you the key benefits of both MIG and TIG Welding gloves and the key differences between them, as well as the finest MIG and TIG welding gloves the Predator by RON range has to offer. Buy Any Gloves is home to a wide range of welding gloves for sale designed to fit a variety of needs, purposes and price points alongside a vast range of other PPE. For welding gloves, construction gloves, type IIR masks and much, much at a fair price with free next day delivery across the mainland UK – browse our range today.