Glass is one of the most delicate materials a worker has to deal with in manual labour, making it one of the most dangerous. Small chips from small mistakes, from as far back as cleaning or even manufacturing, can lead to massive shattering that can cause damage. So proper PPE is essential for safe and efficient glass handling in your business. That’s where Buy Any Gloves comes in.

Learn more about our range of glass handling gloves for sale, the safety features included in our glass handling range and why you should choose Buy Any Gloves for your work glove needs below.

What is Glass Handling?

Glass handling is the process of moving and placing glass as a part of your work. Simply put, if anyone in your business is touching glass – they need a pair of glass handling gloves. Unfortunately, many misunderstand the concept of glass handling, believing the precautions required are only necessary when dealing with broken glass. In reality, any form of glass poses a safety risk.

Here are just a few glass-handling gloves from our range that can help mitigate the risk of glass handling for yourself and your workers.

Predator Midas Work Gloves

With the power of Predator Midas work gloves, glass handling during construction is as safe as touching gold. These gloves offer strong Cut Level F protection thanks to the power of TekArmor™ lining and a revolutionary PolyMax™ palm coating. These two factors combine with a 360 degrees breathable design for a glove that’s easy to wear and work with, ideal for something as delicate as glass, whilst still keeping hands safe. The palm area of this 18 gauge glove is entirely touchscreen compatible, perfect for the modern working world, and even food safe!

These are the perfect glass handling gloves for sale in wet or dry conditions.

Predator Emerald PU Work Gloves

Predator Emerald PU Work Gloves offer EN388:2016 protection across the palm area thanks to a polyurethane palm coating and a seamless, knitted Azura Cut 5 liner. These gloves offer excellent cut resistance whilst remaining highly durable, thanks to their 13 gauge design and excellent breathability. The breathability of these gloves helps to reduce sweating and keeps productivity at safe and optimal levels. The elasticated cuff ensures comfortable finger to wrist protection. An additional coloured cuff size indicator provides your workers with a way to quickly locate the right pair for them.

The cotton fleece-lined palm and fingers on this glass handling glove for sale keeps everyone safe and comfortable on the job!


We hope this guide has shown you the importance and benefits of our range of Glass handling gloves for sale. This blog included just a small selection of our glass handling gloves, so make sure to check out the entire category to find the perfect glove for your needs. Our glass handling gloves are available in bulk with free next day delivery across the mainland UK. Learn more about other types of work gloves with our in-depth blogs or browse our full range of work gloves for sale today.