2021 has been a blur, and already Autumn is fast approaching. Across numerous sectors, work demand has rapidly increased this year. So make sure you’re prepared for Autumn work with our range of work gloves and PPE for sale. Learn more about our top work gloves for Autumn below.

Predator Atlantic Work Gloves

British Autumn always brings plenty of showers, which are never fun to work with. Soggy, slippy hands are very unproductive in the rain. Our Predator Atlantic Work Gloves help keep them dry.

The Predator Atlantic Gloves have double-dipped 13 gauge waterproof gloves. They feature a polyester lining and elasticated cuffs for comfortable wear. The smooth latex coating on the palm, alongside a sandy latex dip, provides exceptional grip in the wet. These gloves are as dexterous as they are waterproof, offering incredibly mobility whilst keeping hands dry. So for any general handling work in the wet this Autumn, trust these waterproof gloves.

Predator Gold Drivers Gloves

Long haul drives in the cold are no easy feat, and Autumn is the season where those drives get a little more challenging. The Predator Gold Drivers Gloves utilise a cotton fleece lining to keep hands toasty behind the wheel this Autumn. The ergonomic key-hole thumb design on these hide leather gloves keeps dexterity and precision easily attainable even on the most extended drives. Check out these thermal driving gloves for sale today.

Predator Ruby PU Work Gloves

These PU Work Gloves are some of our best sellers on our site all year round. Where the Predator Ruby work gloves shine, however, is in Autumn Landscaping. Landscaping work often picks up in these months, as many look to keep leaves away from evergrowing green grass.

The Ruby PU Work Gloves utilise a 13 gauge, seamless polyester liner. Their construction is perfect for dexterity and comfort in landscaping tasks, especially when combined with an elasticated cuff. The polyurethane palm coating offers excellent grip will minimal poke-trough, perfect for brambles and the like! The open, breathable back on this glove keeps hands comfortable during even the longest autumn days. Check them out!

Cotton Chrome DIY Gloves

The perfect DIY glove for Autumn work! When the weather drops a little colder and the nights a little longer, there’s no better time to get some last-minute DIY done before winter. These gloves offer ample protection from dust and dirt, alongside excellent grip. These gloves utilise an 80z drill back, perfect for heavy-duty home tasks. The knitted wrist is comfortable and flexible, adding to the overall insulation of this glove. The palm utilises A to C split leather in a cross-stitch design, ideally suited for DIY work. So get the hard graft going this Autumn with these gloves!

We hope this guide has shown you the perfect work gloves for sale you’ll need this Autumn. Buy Any Gloves is home to a vast range of PPE for sale from leading brands such as Predator by RON. Please browse our range today for top-quality work gloves with free delivery across the mainland UK, or read more of our blogs to learn more about our range of PPE.