Modern manual labour almost necessitates the use of specialist machinery in all sectors. So from engineering to even cleaning, you should always keep a pair of cut-resistant gloves on hand. We’ve written guides before on our best cut resistant gloves, alongside what the cut level system means. Today, the Buy Any Gloves team walks you through the cut level gloves required for various work and the gloves we offer that meet the requirements. Learn more below!

Glass-Handling Gloves

Many industries require glass to be handled as part of regular work, from window fitting to industrial cleaners. If your job requires the frequent handling of glass, gloves with a cut level of four are recommended. These are designed to handle high cut hazards. Gloves with a cut level of four are covered under the EN388:2016 standard or the older 2003 standard.

To guarantee the safety of you or your workers when handling glass without sacrificing manoeuvrability, we recommend our Predator Emerald PU Cut Level 5 Work Gloves. These 13 gauge work gloves use a polyurethane palm coating alongside an Azura cut level 5 liner for incredibly lightweight protection that doesn’t limit movement.

We also offer a long-sleeved Azura Cut Level 5 Liner for sale separately, perfect for guaranteeing cut protection up to the forearm!

Visitation and Packaging Gloves

Often have visitors on your manufacturing levels or working with cutting hazards at your packaging facility? Then, cut level 1 gloves are a perfect choice. Cut level 1 is ideal for protection against mild cutting hazards, as it still provides excellent breathability and flexibility.

Our Predator Sensor Work Gloves offer 360-degrees of breathability and utilise a PolyMax™ palm coating to provide cut level 1 p[protection. In addition, the entire palm and finger-tip area of these gloves are entirely touchscreen compatible – ideal for high-tech working areas.

Waste Management Gloves

Handling public waste can be a perilous task. The risk of infection and cutting hazards are common. When dealing with serious cutting hazards frequently, Cut Level F is required. Cut Level F was introduced to the standard in 2016. A glove is applied to a new trial if the testing knife is dulled during the 1-5 cut level test. Cut Level F is the highest cut protection level that can be awarded under this second test.

Our Predator Needle Work gloves utilise a steel blend liner to not only provide cut level F protection but resist puncture from hypodermic needles. Check them out today!


As you can see, Buy Any Gloves provides a variety of cut level gloves to meet the needs of any industry. Browse our complete collection of cut-resistant gloves for sale today on our site, or read more of our guides to find the perfect work gloves to meet your workplace safety requirements.