Are you looking for the best scaffolding gloves for winter? Operating on scaffolding can be a dangerous task at the best of times. However, winter presents a whole list of issues that aren’t present in the summer season. One of those being the cold, which is always unpleasant. You could lose your concentration or lose feeling in your fingers. Ensure your hands are kept warm at all times.

At the same time, scaffolding structures can be icy in the winter months. This can make it more difficult to hold, which is why a high level of grip will be essential. You also need to make sure that the gloves you choose are offering protection from sharp or abrasive surfaces.

With these factors firmly in mind, here are some of the best winter scaffolding gloves that you can consider purchasing for your construction project.


Predator Cow Hide Rigger Work Gloves

If you are looking to ensure that your hands stay warm when working on scaffolding through the winter months, this is a fantastic option. They are made from quality split leather and have a 100% cotton lining. This is going to ensure that the cold can’t get through. Additionally, a heavy-duty rubberised cuff will protect vulnerable areas while ensuring that there is an additional level of protection from the cold. A key point to be aware of about these gloves is that both the fingers and palms receive the same lining and level of protection.


Predator Jet PU Work Gloves

If you are looking to ensure that you maintain a high level of dexterity, then these could be the ideal choice for you. They have a polyurethane palm coating too which will provide protection from rough materials and ensure that you can maintain your grip even on the most difficult services. Lightweight and easy to move you are still provided with a polyester liner. As such, you won’t have to worry about your hands feeling the chill when working on the scaffolding.


Predator Winter Paws Latex Work Gloves

The clue is in the name with this option. Yes, these gloves have been perfectly designed for the winter season and provide a 10-gauge thermal acrylic-loop high visibility liner. This means that they are perfectly suited for icy cold temperatures. As well as ensuring that you are not going to have trouble keeping your hands warm, these gloves have a latex palm coating too. That’s designed to ensure that you get the best level of grip possible and that’s not all. The gloves are designed for a high level of dexterity and the colours chosen, to ensure that they are visible too.


Predator PVC Work Gloves

Finally, you can consider Predator Work Gloves. These are fully coated with PVC to ensure a strong level of grip and offer a natural cotton liner. This is going to guarantee that your hands remain the right temperature on the job. However, with this option, your wrists are protected too thanks to a knitted cuff. As such, they will be perfect when the temperatures begin to drop.