Just 1 Source is our leading supplier of high quality gloves. Most of our range, including our ever-popular Predator Ruby PU Work Gloves, come from the highly esteemed Predator by RON® line of products. The Predator line is well known in many manual labour industries for being well-tested, beautifully made and high quality goes designed to face the rigors of the modern working environment. In this post we will go through their origin, why they are so loved and what Predator gloves will work best for you if you decide the gloves are the right fit for you.


The Story

Glove Guru Ron Simpson began his career in the importing industry back in the early 1980’s. he spent time at both United City Merchants and the Protective Clothing Distributors Association. He identified a market for high quality gloves in the UK here, which he used to found and grow his own successful importing business MWT, producing the successful Tiger range before moving on from the company for greener pastures.

From that point forward, our trusted partner Just 1 Source & Supply began. The Predator by RON range began with the PRED1 Rigger & PRED4 MIG,  gloves, which we which we continue to sell to this day as the ‘Signature‘ range.


The Selling Point


So why do we stock Predator gloves? The simple answer is, we’d be foolish not to. Ever since the very first products in the range Predator has been an industry standard thanks to their quality, which are so far above other competitors in the market in the same price range STILL that you’ll no doubt have seen their designs emulated across the PPE industry. When keeping hands safe, we think it’s absolutely vital to offer only the best of the best, and Predator offers a wide variety of products that meets every need. Predator are the best gloves on the market, and we wouldn’t be living up to our name id we didn’t sell them.


The Gloves you Need


Predator’s range is vast, and every worker and business will find a glove that fits perfectly for their needs. If you’re ready to experience the best gloves the PPE Market can offer, here are a few of our most popular gloves per category.

Predator Ruby PU Glove by RonFor a general-purpose work glove, the Predator Ruby PU Work Gloves and Predator Jet PU Work Gloves are best-in-class, and some our highest-selling gloves. both offer a 13 gauge seamless Polyester liner and have a Polyurethane palm coating, offer a high level of grip whilst having a breathable back for comfort during extended use no matter the conditions. These gloves are perfect for business, DIY, gardening and everything in between.

Blue Nitrile GlovesPredator’s Predator Gripsafe BLUE Gauntlet Nitrile Gloves are medical grade equipment at a low price. The gloves are made from superior strength, 15mm thick powder-free nitrile. They utilise a ‘Raised Diamond Grip’ on the outside of the gloves, which offers an increased grip in both wet and dry conditions. these disposable, chemical resistant, latex-free gloves are perfect for a working environment where chemical hazards are a risk.

Predator Twaron Mig Gauntlet Welding Gloves are high quality welding glove s with a unique Twaron lining. These gloves use the latest in PPE technology alongside 100% cow leather and content fleece lining to offer a comfortable, long-lasting and and amazing quality welding glove at a reasonable price.


Predator By RON, Best-In-Class Gloves at Best-In-Class Prices

For more about Ron Simpson, read our EXCLUSIVE interview HERE.