Whether you are looking for landscaping gloves, construction gloves, transport gloves or utility gloves (to name a few examples of work gloves that are available on our website) it is important to find out what work glove sizes are available and what size glove will fit you best.

With a variety of types of gloves available, from latex gloves to PU gloves, Nitrile gloves to watersafe gloves – no matter what type of work gloves you are looking for, it is essential that you find the right size so that there are no delays in your working. Without the right work glove size not only will it make tasks harder to complete and cause frustration, but it could cause potential hazards within the workplace. You don’t want the put yourself or others in harm’s way because of the wrong size of work glove after all.

For men, the correct size is usually between 7 and 11 ½ inches, whereas for women (who tend to have smaller hands), the right size can usually be found between 6 and 8/12 inches. No matter what size you choose, it is vital that they fit you comfortable and don’t cut off your circulation. However, they shouldn’t be too loose/you shouldn’t be able to shake off the glove without much effort.


So how do you measure your hands for work gloves?

First method: Measure by width across the knuckles

The most popular method which is used in conjunction with UK glove sizes is to measure your hand with a tape measure. Simply wrap a soft tape measure around your dominant hand over your knuckles (excluding your thumb) and you will get your glove size. Glove sizes are available in both half and whole numbers, ranging in size by sex. You should also always round down to the nearest whole or half number. The size of the gloves will either be shown in inches or in sizes (e.g small, medium and large).

Second method: Measure by length down the hand

Another way of determining the right work glove size is for you, is by measuring your finger length. You can do this, by simply measuring from the bottom of your palm to the tip of your middle finger.

To help make the decision a little easier, here is a handy glove size chart that you can use to determine the right glove size for you:


Glove Size Inches MM (millimetres)
6 6 – 7 152 – 178 mm
7 7 – 8 178 – 203 mm
8 8 – 9 203 – 229 mm
9 9 – 10 229 – 254 mm
10 10 – 11 254 – 279 mm
11 11 + 279 mm +


Here at Buy Any Gloves, we know the importance of finding the right size glove for your requirements. With a wide selection of budget-friendly, high-quality work gloves available on our website that are suitable for a range of industries, you are guaranteed to the perfect size and type of work gloves for your needs.